Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it a must to attend each month of the virtual learning sessions for the 7-month course? Will there be any recordings after the session? 

No, it is not a must to attend the sessions live as you can submit a request for the recording. Attending the live sessions gives you the opportunity to ask questions there and then and connect with the members of your class. 

How do I get access to resources through Virtual Learning Environment to complete assignment each month?

You are given access to our virtual learning platform once payment has been received.

How many hours of study shall I schedule to complete the course?

The recommended study hours are 8 hours per week.

Am I able to retake the exams in the next group if not performed well or unable to join? 

Yes! You can pay to retake the exam on another assessment day. 

Our exam and assessment days run twice a year and run in April and October.  

How are the arrangements if I would like to take 2 or 3 of the qualifications? 

You can take all 2 or 3 qualifications at the same time with the additions of the assessment days and exams that completes each qualification. 

Do you accept visa or cash for the course payment options? 

We issue an invoice with our details for you to make a bank transfer to.

Tel +44 7939 507 351        

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