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Student Testimonials
Our past and present students experiences with Spa Education Academy
Sofia Oprea Testimonial

Sofia Oprea Testimonial

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Cindy Beyers

Spa Manager at Anantara Spa

Amr Mahran

Recreation and Entertainment

Service Manager

Just wanted to thank you, Kathryn, for the great guidance and support during the CIBTAC Level 4 Diploma in Spa and Salon Management October course and for making it interesting and very beneficial by covering everything related to the Spa from A to Z, it's definitely a huge career step.


Ionela Ionescu

Spa Therapist at Nirvana Spa Leisure Ltd

Level 4 Spa Management course with Spa Education Academy has exceeded my expectations. I have gained knowledge across many areas and improved my confidence in leading a team and managing spa operations. The curriculum content is diversified and focused on subjects necessary at management level.  


Kathryn is a professional, knowledgeable, passionate and helpful coach. As a mentor she motivates us to read, build knowledge, learn new skills and help ourselves to stay up to date with spa industry techniques and news. 


I find the course good career investments it provides a platform to learn new perspectives as well as open more career opportunities. There have been a few challenging months studying while having less free time but it is definitely a worthwhile initiative. It was a good decision that will help me fulfil my career aspirations.”

Lydia Louis-Lewis

Senior Spa Therapist at The Retreat and Tips and Toes 

Transparently Student Intro and Testimon

Megan Rumbelow, Bermuda

Head Therapist at The Loren and Newstead Resort & Spa

I am so pleased I recently took on the Level 4 Spa Management online course! Kathryn is truly such an amazing, driven, motivating and passionate person with an extensive background. She's very kind, attentive and personable and truly listens to all questions and concerns, offering fantastic guidance.


I not only gained so much more knowledge and insight into my industry, I learned that there is so much opportunity out there to strive for and I have a renewed sense of motivation and confidence.


I feel ready to take on potential new senior management roles now and look forward to all of the windows of opportunity this will surely provide. This course was certainly one of the best investments I've ever made!"

Transparently Student Intro and Testimon

Devi Irianti

Director of Spa, Wellness & Recreation at Anantara Kihavah

I am pleased to share one of my greatest experiences in studying spa knowledge during my last Level 4 CIBTAC course. I am so happy to have been able to join and have the opportunity to study with the experts. The team at Spa Education Academy all are such professionals and passionate teachers.


I generally don’t have much time to study due to work, but this method of studying was a great way to keep myself up to date and enhance my knowledge. The flexibility for studying and the assignments really fitted in well with the limited time I had available.


I also would like to make a special mention to Kathryn who was always available to assist at any time when we needed her during her pregnancy and maternity leave. I admire her passion for the industry and her credibility as a teacher. Also, a thank you to  Ayo who covered Kathryn during her maternity leave also provided an excellent experience.  And last; but not least Victoria who is detailed in assignment marking and business management in which I also learnt a lot from. 


Overall I had an excellent experience and I am so proud to be part of the Spa education academy alumni. I would definitely recommend Spa Education Academy to all my friends, colleagues or whoever would like to study and enhance their spa management skills, knowledge and future career.


Darren Ash

Spa & Leisure Manager at Yu Spa

Great start to 2020! In 4 weeks time, I start my spa manager position at Yu Spa!! It really shows the effort and hard work you put into your career is what you will get out of it.

Due to not being a qualified beauty therapist I have found it incredibly hard to get a Spa Manager position, however, in this interview, I showed off my knowledge, passion and understanding of the global spa industry which I was then told after the interview they were impressed within.

Thank you Kathryn and Spa Education Academy for everything I have learned so far, this definitely gave me that extra knowledge I needed going into an interview.

Gladys Saballegue Robas

Marketing Executive at Media Diamond Skincare



Stephanie Pedrini Head of Spa / Stewards at

Super Yachts / Shore Based Villas 

(2019 Student of the Year Winner) 

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Kathryn for awarding me with Them Student Of The Year Award

2019! - ITEC/ CIBTAC Level 4 Diploma in Spa and Salon Management. 

Having had the pleasure of e-studying alongside and meeting with many of my fellow ‘G5’ classmates (on our assessment day!) it was clear to see the determination and hard work of all the students. I feel truly honoured to have received this award and EXTREMELY grateful. 


I’m looking forward to furthering my career with the use of my new qualifications and can highly recommend Spa Education Academy for anyone looking to do the same. 

Transparently Student Intro and Testimon

Ahmed Shahid.

Spa professional

I have been receiving messages from some of the connections that they like to join an online diploma course in Spa Management, but they are not sure who is best. Don’t wait for friends. Connect with Kathryn Dowthwaite-Blay MA and leave her message. She is an amazing teacher.


You can do an online higher diploma course in Spa management. Once you start your online study with her, she will be always there to help you and educate you. Those who like to develop and grow in this beautiful industry, believe me... You will learn from this amazing course.

Transparently Student Intro and Testimon

George Dumitru

Spa and Wellness Manager at Delphi Resort, Ireland

The best teachers will always show you where to look rather than what to see! I would like to bring special recognition to my mentor in the past 12 months who had unlocked my full potential and helped me to reach the next level in the Spa and Wellness industry.


Kathryn Dowthwaite-Blay MA director and educator at Spa Education Academy London, United Kingdom. She has been extremely supportive, brought motivation and inspired me in order to reach the academic standards to obtain the qualification for ITEC Level 4 in Spa and Salon Management. Thank you, Kathryn, highly recommended.

Transparently Student Intro and Testimon

Justin Graves.

General Manager Wafi Health Club and Spa. Dubai

As spa owners and operators, we have a responsibility for creating the right platform for our business to flourish and our staff to prosper, and this includes providing them with the right tools for success. With so much focus on therapist and receptionist training, we sometimes overlook our Spa Managers development even though they are absolutely vital to the businesses overall success.

The level 4 diploma in Spa and Salon Management Qualification really is essential learning for all Spa Managers. Whether you are new to the industry or have several year’s management experiences, this Diploma allows you to understand thoroughly all aspects of Spa and provides an opportunity to sharpen the skills you have learned through your youth career. I would strongly recommend investing in your Spa Managers and supporting their development with this course.


Sofia Opre

Spa Therapist

I just wanted to extend a few thank you, first for today’s last live virtual class session about H&S and Spa Experience with one of the amazing lecturers Ayo Bamgbose, thank you for making this class so much fun and explaining the material so well was a real pleasure.⁣

And also, I would love to confess what I really enjoyed in all these 7th sessions of the past 7th months with Spa Education Academy was that all the experienced lecturers Kathryn Dowthwaite-Blay, Victoria Rosamond and Ayo Bamgbose, not only were sharing the most updated information, concepts, trends in the Spa Industry but they also inspire and encourage all their students to be their best. ⁣I cannot believe it is over! ⁣

Thank you so much ladies for making my experience so wonderful and opening my eyes to a new perspective”.


Cindy Beyers

Spa Manager at Anantara Spa

I just want to express my journey with Spa Education Academy this far. How fulfilling it has been and how it has enriched my knowledge as a Spa Manager. This qualification has been on my bucket list since 17 years ago when I first fell in love with our beautiful industry's therapist and it’s an absolutely amazing feeling knowing that I am finally pursuing this overdue goal of mine! 


To my fellow “classmates” we were nearly there champs! Yay!! And to those who have just embarked on this new venture of self-growth and development — well done to you! You will not be disappointed!


To Katherine and the rest of the Spa Education Academy team - Thank you for all that you do! We appreciate you so much!! I look forward to the rest of our journey together! 


Cherry Vierneza

Spa Manager at Spawellness inc.

I am always excited to join in every class. I am learning a lot especially being in this part of the world, the Philippines. My eyes are opened to other aspects of the spa industry in other countries and the best part is I get to share my new learnings to my staff and loved ones. I am also feeling more confident in being a Spa Manager. I am so glad and privileged that I have made the right decision to join your class.

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