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 Leadership and Management

Award - Certificate - Diploma
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If you are an experienced spa and wellness manager who leads and manages a team and looking  to develop your skills further with a higher level spa leadership and management qualification, our Level 5 Award, Certificate, and Diploma qualifications are for you!


Taught by our team of university lecturers who are experienced spa leaders, you will apply the theory to your spa environment, implementing, critiquing and improving your management techniques with choices from coaching and mentoring, innovation and change, developing your team and leaderships skills, as well as marketing and advanced spa finance.

Finally an accessible, higher level course for spa for leaders! Never stop developing yourself!

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Level 5 Leadership and Management

We provide experienced spa leaders the opportunity to study our higher Level 5 accredited, a widely recognised awarding body TBC. We apply the criteria to the spa industry, with spa specific research, theory and applied examples taught by our academic tutors that have years of international experience in spa leadership, backed up with teaching; all SEA staff hold a Masters and teaching qualifications

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You can choose to study for an ILM Award/Certificate/Diploma in Leadership

and Management. Read more about Awarding body


Each of the module units are released on a monthly basis and available for you to study at your own pace, time and from anywhere around the world.  Our academic qualifications get you to critically evaluate yourself, your operations, your team and give you new tools and confidence to implement new strategies

  • Coaching and Mentoring for Stress and Conflict in the Spa Environment
    This session covers the organisational benefits of coaching and mentoring in the workplace In this workshop you will: Learn how to provide support mechanisms and identify and implement improvements Critically evaluate your abilities and impact, focusing on identifying the potential individual, operational and organisational barriers and benefits Recognising and supporting workplace stress and conflict in the post-COVID environment Review communication, relationship management, collaborative working and conflict management in the spa operation Opt to complete the assignment and gain TWO ILM Level 5 unit qualification Certificates: Managing stress and conflict in the organisation and Understanding the Skills, Principles and Practice of Effective Management Coaching and Mentoring
  • Enhance Your Spa Leadership
    Are you constantly striving to improve your leadership skills? Dedicated to improving your self-awareness and the impact of behaviours on performance? In this module, you will: Review the effectiveness of your leadership capability and leadership style on achieving organisational values and goals Have discussions on management strategies and implement theory and frameworks to motivate staff, improve your time management, workload planning prioritisation, and delegation Critically reflecting on your personal development, emotional intelligence and learning styles
  • Developing Effective Spa Teams
    Are you committed to improving your spa team performance and realise the importance of organisational culture, equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace? In this module, you will: Align the spas organisational vision and goals to the management of strategic and development planning Evaluate your spa staff training, its constraints, expectations and improvements Development of multiple and remote teams, including recruitment and talent to communicate with and facilitate high performance
  • Spa and Wellness Innovation and Change Management
    Innovation and management for change are necessary for the spa environment, now more than ever. In this module, you will: Study the continuous improvement, models, practices, features and importance of innovation and managing change in organisational objectives Research and critique your operational planning for feasibility, viability, justification, including learning techniques, management models and systems to implement change Learn how technology, data security, commercial awareness are applicable, create management reports, solve problems, and make informed decisions for spa and wellness innovation and change management in the current climate
  • Marketing Management for the Spa Consumer
    In this module, you will: Set up, manage and review a marketing campaign Learn about product and service marketing, the effective marketing mix, marketing interdependencies and strategies Discover how to identify and segment spa consumer markets Ascertain market size, share and competitor profiling Review, critique and make strategic recommendations for marketing in the spa organisation
  • Advanced Spa Finance
    In this workshop, you will: Develop your skills further in budgetary planning to support strategic objectives, policies, responsibilities, expectations and budget management control Look at your measurement and reporting of spa performance, sources of finance/funding, stakeholders, expectations, cash flow forecasting/management, performance indicators and spa KPIs Improve your effectiveness in relating budgets to objectives, outputs and recommendations to planning, including implementation processes to monitor progress and setting objectives Learn how to achieve spa finance confidence and strategic planning for improvements in the spa environment

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